Aiming to please…

I enter the playroom to find Anastasia kneeling by the door, just as I had instructed. I walk past her and straight to the chest of drawers to choose my implement of choice for this evenings activities.


I cross the room and stand directly in front of her allowing the anticipation to build. I remain silent for just a few more seconds, taking in the beauty that is Miss Steele…and as if it were even possible, she is more beautiful like this. Head down, kneeling before me in nothing but her silk panties. What a sight to behold.


I bend down and cup her chin, tilting her head upward so that her eyes are forced to meet mine. I can feel her pulse begin to race as I do, not to mention her breathing that is now deep and ragged.


“You are so beautiful, Anastasia. And all mine,” I say in a low voice, “Stand up.”


She rises to her feet, her eyes still cast downward. This is the Anastasia that I have unexpectedly come to adore. The timid submissive girl. The shy quiet girl. Outside of this room she has proven to be quite a handful, which I must admit has become a bit of a challenge, but a challenge that I have come to expect, admire, and look forward to.


Details first…


“We still don’t have a signed contract, and we have discussed limits, Anastasia. Now I need for you to tell me what your safewords are, so that we are clear once and for all.”


“Yellow?” she mumbles.


“And?” I immediately snap back.


“Red.” she whispers.


“Good. Do not forget those. Understood?


“Yeah.” she answers, rolling her eyes.


“Don’t start with that mouth, Anastasia. Unless of course you want me to fuck it right here, right now, with you on your knees.”


“Yes sir.” she replies in a condescending yet softer tone.


“Good girl.”

I walk slowly around her as I prepare my speech of what is to come. The authoritative fucked up fifty,the stoic dominate Christian Grey in control at all times.


“This will be about touch, Anastasia. While you will not be able to see or hear me, but you will be able to feel me. What I am about to do to you will be very intense, and I am counting on you to guide me by using your safewords, if and when you feel that they may be necessary. Do you understand?”


She remains silent, giving me a slight nod.


“Come,” I instruct as I offer my hand, leading her over to the four poster bed, “I will be blindfolding you then tying you to the posts, and you will be wearing earbuds so that all you hear will be music.”


Pause for reaction. She is hiding a smile. Clever girl, I knew she would like this…


“Now, face the bed, and picture yourself lying here, bound and at my mercy.”


I walk away, leaving her there to ponder what is to come. I gather up all of the items needed for this adventure that I am about to take her on. I return to her, still standing near the bed as instructed, and I begin to explain just what it is I am about to do.


I pull her hair back and begin to thread it into one long braid. Pulling a band from my pocket, I secure it at the bottom and give it a gentle tug.


“This is a flogger, as you may well remember from your first visit to this room. It will not hurt you, it will bring your blood to the surface and make you that much more sensitive,” I hold it out in front of her and command, “Touch it.”


She does as I ask, running her fingers down the long soft suede strands before I toss it on the bed. I then instruct her to lie down on her back, and tell her to lift her head, placing the earbuds over her ears first, followed by a mask to cover her eyes.


Now come the shackles. She winces as I first place cuffs on both wrists, then move to her ankles. She is now spread out on the bed before me, ready and at my disposal.


I can see her chest rise and fall in anticipation as I begin by trailing the flogger from her neck, down across her now hardened nipples, before dragging it slowly further down across her stomach. I lift it away just for a moment, and as soon as I know that she is not expecting it, I bring it down, the beads on the ends of each strand cracking down across her belly.


Then again, and again. She winces and cries out, slightly struggling against the shackles, but no safe words are used. The sight of her…like this…has my cock twitching in anticipation, but, that will have to wait. I use the flogger on her inner thighs, then drag it up to her hipbone, cracking it down on her soft milky white skin a few glorious times. I then draw it down slowly until it lands between her legs that are forcefully spread by the shackles, and as I begin to tease her with it, she begins to respond with moans and cries, this time from the pleasure that comes from the pain. Slight as it may be, it is extremely sensual, and pleasurable. For me as well as for her.


Enough now. I set the flogger aside, and remove the shackles. A man can only take so much, and with her…with Miss Steele, everything is different. I want her now.


I undo, then drop my faded jeans to the floor, my cock more than happy to be free at last. Leaving the mask and earbuds in place, I position myself on top of her and begin to kiss, lick and bite her long delicious neck.


She begins to let out moans that I don’t think I have heard come from her before, which only tells me that she indeed, liked…no loved, the flogger as much as I did.


“Please,” she begs repeatedly.


And, you know me…I always aim to please.


About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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10 Responses to Aiming to please…

  1. Michele says:

    I’m taking a deep breath as I finish your blog. So amazingly HOT and another sexy read that I’m turned on by. No words but that left me ahem…. Yeah that.. “winks”

  2. Ms.JoJo says:

    Dear Sir ,
    ( breathless as I type this ). ( taking in a deep breath ). One of my personal fave passages of the book ( winks ) Thank you for another Greyt entry ( pun intended ). I think I have to check myself ( panties )

    All my kisses & Fifty Shades of Pink

  3. Cherry says:

    That was so very hot and tender at the same time… {sighs} ..

  4. says:

    Thank you Sir/ Mr Grey everything comes back to me. Need to go back and reread again now – tks for reminding me of the pleasure of your experiences. Sweet dreams 2 all!

  5. Holly says:

    What a turn on guess I shouldn’t have read it at work😉

  6. paularad13 says:


  7. paularad13 says:

    WOW. And *THUD*

  8. Dawn Love says:

    I just read this AGAIN…and I’m feeling the heat. I’ve said it before and I’m going to keep on saying it…I LOVE the way you write. Don’t ever stop, Fifty. 🙂

  9. pinkie2014 says:

    I will not tell you that I am biting my lip as I read this . No no I would never !

    I remember this from the book , it was about Trust & body language for sure and safety words if needed . I love that you understand Sir . Mmmmm mmmmm 😉

  10. Masksofjo says:

    LOVE IT !! I have missed this

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