Pardon the interruption…

I don’t want to lose you…

You’ve bewitched me…

You’ve completely beguiled me…

I’ll miss you, too…more than you know…

I surprise even myself when I use these romantic words…words that I never knew would come from my mouth. I have never missed anyone before, this is all new to me. But she has turned me into a different man…in many ways. But I will always be a controlling asshole, that will never change. 

With that said, in true Christian Grey fashion, I make an appearance in Savannah, and utilize every resource available to me to find Miss Steele and her mother.

It’s time to crash this party that was meant for two, and it’s time to meet the mother. I saunter into the upscale bar, quickly spotting the two at a small table having drinks, no doubt talking about me. Pompous, I know. 

I remain out of site as I watch the two ladies,deciding to play a little joke (mind game?) with Anastasia, I send her an email asking her how many cosmopolitans she is going to be having this evening. 

Her mouth drops as she begins to scan the bar in search of yours truly. It didn’t take her long to realize that I have stalked her and dropped in on her visit with her mother. After a moments pause, I walk over and join them at their table. Her mother has a similar reaction…jaw dropping must run in the family. 

Anastasia regains her senses and finally introduces me. I take a seat and join them, immediately charming the pants off of her mother. Was there ever any doubt that I would?

After some polite conversation, I excuse myself, but not before calling over the waiter to tell him to put the drinks on my tab, masterfully slipping in Room number 612 for Ana to hear…Smooth, I know. I make my way up to my room, knowing full well that Miss Steele will be following soon. 

Expecting her arrival will be soon, I run a hot bath and gather up some of the candles from the bedroom to place around the edge of the sunken tub. Within minutes I hear a knock at the door of my suite…Well played, Grey. The master of manipulations. I always get what I want.

I light the candles and go answer the door…

Without missing a beat, she immediately attempts to carry on our unfinished prior conversation regarding a dinner that I had with Elena. I remain cool and smug, amused by her obvious jealousy in regards to my relationship with Elena. 

“You are quite the green-eyed goddess, aren’t you Miss Steele?” I tease.

“Are you making fun of me, Mr. Grey?” she bites back quickly.

“I wouldn’t dare,” I smirk as I shake my head, but my playful smirk quickly fades as she begins to bite her lip. 

“Oh, I think you would, and you often do…” she says sarcastically.

“Stop biting your lip, Miss Steele,” I demand as I take a step closer to her. “I want you…now, and you came here because you want me.”

“No, I came because I want to know about Elena.”

“Well, now you know.” Taking her hand in mine, I lead her to the bathroom. She doesn’t completely protest, but I feel a pull of my hand as she stops me at the door.  

“Christian…I uh…I can’t tonight,” she whispers. And I can see by the blush in her cheeks that she is embarrassed.

“Ahh, I see,” I nod, and pull her into the bathroom anyway. “I took the liberty of drawing us a bath. How apropos…”

She stares down at her fingers, fidgeting in that nervous, yet charming way that she does, and, wasting no time, I ask her to remove her shoes and all of her clothes as I remove my own. I stand back, watching as she does, her beauty and obvious unease causing my breath to quicken… and my cock to quickly stiffen…

“You are so beautiful, Anastasia,” I whisper as I take her hand and help her into the tub. I lean in, pressing my lips to hers, and clasp her fingers in mine. Skin on skin, our naked bodies are now pressed hard against each others, and as the kiss becomes more passionate, my erection grows to full staff, pressing against her soft, taught stomach.

Releasing her fingers, I flatten her palms and guide them along the contours of her glistening skin. Up the sides of her torso then to her perfect breasts. She winces a bit, almost uncomfortable to touch herself. I urge her on sliding her hands down, and between her now parted thighs. More wincing, but no resisting.

“I want to watch you touch yourself, Anastasia,” I all but growl out in anticipation, watching as she reluctantly does as I ask. Her fingers just grazing her clit at first, she nervously continues as I nod and urge her to continue. 

I sink down into the steamy hot water, my eyes never leaving hers for a second. My own hand disappears beneath the water as she finally begins to become more comfortable, closing her eyes as she finds a rhythm of her own, exploring her body in a pleasurable, new-found freedom. 

My eyes become dark yet focused, watching as she pleases herself, and in turn, pleases me.





About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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3 Responses to Pardon the interruption…

  1. Ms.JoJo says:

    Please Interupt anytime Sir


  2. scarlett says:

    You do know how to make my heart race,,,,, worth waiting for.

  3. Dawn says:

    Pardon the Interruption, but I have to say this…Where was THAT this past winter when I needed the extra heat? Now that it is sweltering outside, you do this?! Maybe I’m actually suffering from a bit of “heat stroke”. {winks} Thank you, yet again, for another fan-freakin-tastic blog post…that left us wanting MORE! You DEFINITELY haven’t lost your touch. Laters Baby

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