Flashback…Part five.

It’s been close to a month since I ended my time with Joanna, my very first submissive. I am thankful that I found a new sub so quickly because I am horny as fuck.

It has been just over a year since I left Elena, and, I am still slowly learning to control many different things as a new dominant, including my twitching cock.
 Claudette arrives at Escala at 8:00 pm just as I had asked. Prompt. I like that in a submissive. I take her directly to the playroom and order her to remove her clothes. If I have learned anything from my experiences with Joanna, it’s to keep things “strictly business.”
 I walk down the corridor to my room to change into those old faded torn jeans that have now become my uniform of sorts for the playroom, remembering this time to take a hair tie from my drawer to tie back her long hair.
I am pleased when I find Claudette in the center of the room, head down, kneeling, hands placed on her thighs.  “Good girl.”  I say to her in a deep voice as I walk slowly behind her.  I kneel down and gather up her long brown hair in my hands.  I remove the tangles with my fingers and begin to braid it.  As I reach the bottom, I take the tie from my pocket and wind it around the stray ends.
“Stand and follow me.”  I order.  She rises to her feet immediately, and follows me to the suspension rack.  I fasten her wrists into the wide leather cuffs, one after the other and my cock instantly begins to twitch at the sight of her this way.  I walk over to the tall dresser just a few feet away, opening the top drawer, I remove a set of metal nipple clamps and a black silk blindfold.  
I walk back to where she is standing, place the blindfold over her eyes wrapping it around to the back of her head, where I tie it into a snug knot.  Moving in-front of her again, I place the clamps onto her now erect nipples which causes my cock to twitch yet again.
Just seeing her like this is incredibly hot.  I feel like a true dominant for the first time since I began this journey with Joanna one year ago.  It was more of an trial and error situation with her, but, it was still incredible to be the dominant, not the submissive as I had been with Elena for all of those years. 
With Claudette now blindfolded, clamped and cuffed, I undo my jeans and slide them off, kicking them to the side before I walk closer to her.  
“How do these feel?  Are they tight enough for your pleasure, Claudette?”  I ask as I grab the clamps that are on her nipples.  She nods, yet doesn’t answer.  “I cant hear you.”  I say to her, my voice low and irritated.
“Yes…yes sir.”  She finally replies in a soft voice, her head immediately bows down.
“You will answer when spoken to, understood?”  She keeps her head down and quickly replies, Yes sir…
Good girl.”  I turn the small screw on each clamp forcing her nipples into a tighter vice grip… and that is for my pleasure.
As one hand reaches up to grab a hold of her braid, the other moves down between her legs.  “You may not come, Claudette.  When you learn to follow the rules, then and only then will I allow that.  Understood?”  She nods and quickly replies, Yes, sir.
“Better.”  I insert two fingers inside her and begin to pump them slowly in and out at first.  She begins to moan softly, moving her hips in a circular motion against my hand.  My thumb slides up to work her clitoris as my fingers begin to thrust into her harder causing her body to quiver slightly at my expert touch.
“That will be enough, as I said…you don’t get to come this time.”  I remove my fingers and retrieve my riding crop from one of the drawers.  
“Spread your legs for me, wide.”  My voice is deep, commanding.  “Wider.”  I demand.  I trail the crop down the center of her body, ending right between her legs.  I hit once, twice…three times.  She lets out a soft moan as her body begins to shake from the intense pleasure of the riding crop.  My palm begins to twitch out of control, so I toss the crop onto the bed and move behind her, to give her well deserved punishment.
“You do know why I am punishing you, don’t you Claudette?”  I take hold of her hips and pull her back against me, my hand now caressing her ass.  
“Yes sir, I do.”  She answers quickly, and I can almost hear the smile on her face as she does.  I swing my arm back before spanking her ass, hard.  A slight blush of pale pink shows up quickly.  Not pink enough, not by a long shot.
I spank her again and again, watching as her ass begins to turn the perfect shade of pink. Every time that I spank her, she cries out from the sheer pleasure of it all.  I think that I could do this one thing and nothing else for hours on end, but that’s something that I’ll have to work up to.  For now, my cock is screaming out to get inside of her.
I bend her over as far as the restraints will allow, my throbbing cock now rests at her entrance.  I can’t help myself and I give her one last hard swat on the ass before, declaring…
“Now, I’m going to fuck you, Claudette…hard…”

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of this..love story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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9 Responses to Flashback…Part five.

  1. Love this one Christian. I could feel your confidence but no cockiness yet. Smokin’ hot baby! *winks*

  2. Ms JoJo says:

    Morning Mr. Dom Grey
    I really enjoy your trip into becoming the Mr. Grey we all know .
    I just have one word for this one.

    WOW! !!!!!!!

    Ms. JoJo

  3. What a fantastic way to wake up, Mr. Grey (especially in this new tiime zone I’m in). I don’t know how you got this posted after all of the trouble you went through yesterday, but when I see the amount of work you put into this, you’d be a fool not to be pissed off if it was lost.

    But it’s not lost, it’s here, and wow. Fucking wow, Sir.

    The level of detail you get into with your descriptions is amazing. I am fairly certain it’s a crime in some countries, actually, given the kind of…responses…you elicit from your readers. Wow. Can I just say that I envy Claudette?

    Fantastic job as always, Sir. I’ll buy you a round of drinks for all the hard work you put into this…and for all of the stress you had yesterday.

    Yours always,

    Miss P

  4. di says:

    It’s been a great post, after all the problems you went through yesterday, finally it’s here and I love it.

    My favourite part, all the sensations you describe on your post, the way you make Claudette feel, a girl could get used to that {blushing}.

    thanks {smiling}

  5. Michele says:

    Wow, got my blood pumping that’s for sure! What a way to end my night! Claudette is one lucky sub!! Sorry you had a rough time with this blog. Looking forward to… Well you know… WOWZA!! xxx

  6. Melissa says:

    Mr. Grey,

    I so glad u got that blog up as I know u encountered a problem the other day. WOW truly amazing is all I can say and more and more! Its a great transition to see become such a confident dominant and how you made little improvements with sub # 2 like the hair tie. The scene is so intense and vividly written what a great way to end my night. Your roughness will increase as you get more confident and can’t wait 2 read about them! Thx gorgeous 🙂 *winks*

  7. intrigued one says:

    I enjoyed this display of affection in your “story” quite a bit. I do say….I find myself being rather bad and in need of punishment after reading your very pleasurable, neurotic and what I would call, my fantasy with someone like you. Oh my….very nice.

  8. miss happy says:

    Well gorgeous what can i say yet another brilliant blog you are such a great writer. cant wait to see what else happens to claudette along the story lines. Thanx gorgeous.xx (smiles)

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