Flashback…part two.

Joanna and I arrive at my newly acquired piece of real estate…My luxury penthouse apartment located on the top floor in the Escala building located in Seattle.  The entire top floor, to be exact.

I’m almost as excited to finally be having my first guest here…my first submissive…the first time that I’ll be utilizing my playroom. A lot of firsts, indeed.

I lead Joanna through the foyer and then through the over-sized living room, up the stairs then down the long corridor that leads to my playroom.  I slip my hand into my pocket and fish the key out.  Why the fuck am I so nervous?  I’ve been Elena’s submissive for the past 6 years, I know what to do as a dominant…she trained me well. 

I let her enter before me, my heart now pounding as I go over what I’m going to do in my head.  Where and how do I begin?  

Joanna seems to be at more ease than I am right now. We had a discussion on the drive here about her experience as a sub, and I decided not to tell her that this was my first time as the dominant…she doesn’t need to know my business. 

Only a few minutes have passed since we entered the room and she seems to be awaiting instructions from me.  Elena always had me undress and sit on the floor in a certain position every single time…I’ll instruct Joanna to do that. 

“Undress and then sit on the floor in a kneeling position, sitting back, hands on your thighs.” I order.  I don’t know if that even came out right, but…she does it perfectly.  

She looks down, seemingly hanging on my next command.  I suddenly begin to feel over-dressed in my suit, so I tell her to stay where she is before leaving the room to go and change.

I stand at my closet trying to decide what a dom would wear.  Elena always wore a leather bustier, garter and stockings…so I at least know enough not to begin naked.  I choose an old pair of faded torn blue jeans…these feel right.  I quickly change, deciding to go without shoes or a shirt, and I make my way back down the corridor to the playroom.

Inside I find Joanna in the same position as I had left her.  Her hair is very long, so I decide to put it into a braid, so that it doesn’t get in my way.  I move behind her and begin to braid it, and as I reach the end, I think to myself…Shit, if I would’ve thought of this earlier, I would’ve brought a hair-tie with me…Note to self, have Gail buy hair-ties the next time she goes to the store.  I tear off a stray piece of torn material from the bottom of my jeans and use that as a make-shirt hair tie…Good enough.

Now to begin…

I crouch down, placing two fingers underneath her chin before tilting her face upward so that her eyes meet mine. “As lovely as you look just the way you are right now, I’d like you to go lie on the bed.”  She immediately rises to her feet and goes directly to the bed.  I need to work on my commands…that sounded terrible.  

Fuck, this is harder than I thought it would be, but…I will conquer this just like I have everything else in my life. I am after all only 21…how commanding am I expected to sound at this age.  

Joanna is now lying on the bed.  I had best get to it before she becomes bored and leaves. Christ…I have to learn somehow don’t I?  I never expected that the first time would go smoothly…

I decide to start off light.  I pull out the set of shackles that are attached to each of the four bed posts, and begin to fasten them to her…beginning with each wrist before moving to her ankles.  She is now securely fastened and ready for me to do with as I wish.

I walk over to the set of drawers that are against the wall, and choose a leather riding crop as my first implement of play.  As I turn to make my way back to the bed, I notice that Joanna is as still as she could be.  Her eyes are focused in-front of her, and she hasn’t spoken a word since arriving at my apartment.  

I suddenly feel a rush of confidence sweep over me.  I’m standing up taller.  I don’t feel nervous any longer…I feel in complete control.  This girl…Joanna, my first submissive has unknowingly shown me how it feels to be a dominant.  

And, I am…I am now officially Christian Grey, the dominant. 

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of this..love story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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24 Responses to Flashback…part two.

  1. Mr. Grey….again you have outdone yourself. What a great Thanksgiving present. I can honestly say that today I am so thankful for many things, but I am truly thankful for being able to read your blog and escape for a little while

    What a great post. I love how you kept questioning the commands you gave Joanna…I love how you decided on your “attire” for your playroom. The best part of your blog is the details you give us, as well as the insight you give us into that brilliant mind of yours….

    Fucking fantastic, Sir! xx

    Miss P

  2. Jojo says:

    Mr.Grey ! Oh My ! Oh My. !
    ( blushing )
    Thank you I love it as usual !
    You are so Greyt at this! 😉
    Ms. JoJo

  3. Michele says:

    What a great way to end my thanksgiving evening by reading another fantastic blog!! You are now the Dom and those jeans become your trademark!! Thanks again for your creative writing!! The best!! xxooxx

  4. Melissa says:

    O Mr. Grey,

    You just get better and better with each entry! This is such a rare look into your life and how it began as Mr. Grey the dominant. What a great way to end a nice holiday! This entry is hot, erotic, visionary, at the edge of my seat fantastic! Love it gorgeous! X *winks*

  5. Ms.JoJo says:

    One more thing Mr. Grey
    I loved it when you took a thread off your ” play room jeans ” to braid her hair . 😉
    Ms. JoJo

  6. Ms.JoJo says:

    Indeed I do Mr. Grey 😉 very much

  7. Zoe rats says:

    Wow this is great I think your great (blushing lots ):-)

  8. ladysarah7 says:

    Awesome post & beautifully written as always! Thank you xx

  9. miss happy says:

    hi gorgeous just read your blog its billiant /Thanx again for keeping me entertained. Very proud of you keep up the good workin you are very good a writing. xx

  10. Ellen says:

    You are a good writer. I really like it!

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