Like a virgin…flogged for the very first time.

Elena’s stare is extremely intimidating…almost eerie.  Especially to a 15 year old virgin. My introduction to life was fucked up, why not my first sexual experience?  It seems par for the course, at this point.

She is now pacing slowly back and forth in-front of me, her eyes burning into me as she hits the palm of her hand every few minutes with the riding crop.  She is explaining what she will be doing to me, and why.  The why is even more important than the what.

“Darling, this will teach you how to take control of your life.”  She leans forward and grabs my chin tight in her grip, tilting my face upward, forcing me to look into her eyes as she speaks.  “This isn’t about sex as much as it’s about control…you can use my techniques in every aspect of your life.”

She isn’t really making any sense…not to a boy my age anyway.  I just came for the sex…when do we get to the sex part, I want to say.  But, I remain silent as she finishes with her speech on how I am to behave as her submissive.

Her what?  What the fuck is she talking about?  I hear her explaining it all, but I’m not really processing any of it.  She tells me that, this will take a very long time and that we must both be dedicated to the process.

The process?  Christ…this is extremely confusing.  She doesn’t even seemed concerned that I might tell my mom about this.  Does my mom even know that she does this?  How she seduces young boys and makes them her submissives?  There’s no fucking way that Grace knows…

Elena now, standing straight up again, tells me to go lay on the bed…arms out, legs spread, she orders.  I do as I’m told, figuring that now at least we’re getting closer to the sex part.  She follows me, setting the crop on the bedside table before pulling long leather straps from each corner of the large four poster bed.

She fastens me in tight.  First my wrists, then my ankles…giving each strap a tug to make sure that it’s nice and secure.  She picks the crop back up, and walks to the edge of the bed, that look is back in her eyes.  This is some freaky shit, I think to myself.  Part of me wants to bust out of these restraints and run for the door.  But, the fucked up part…which is honestly, about 98.9 % of me, decides to ride it out.

Let’s just see what the hell it is that she’s been going on about…this submissive stuff.  I wish her luck with that…I have been pretty hard to handle lately.  I don’t listen to anyone, so…this will be fucking interesting.

Oh shit…here we go.

She tells me to lie still and not to talk.  Alright, I can do that.  She begins by trailing the riding crop down the length of my entire body…chest to toes.  I want to come out of my skin and yell out as she drags it across my chest. Not that it hurts or anything, I just hate anyone or anything touching me there.  She sees me squirm though, and whacks me lightly on the thigh with the crop.

“Christian, I said hold still.”  She growls.  Then stay the fuck away from my chest, bitch... I want to yell out.  But, I notice that she didn’t call me darling this time…so I decide to stay quiet for now.  After-all, I really have no idea what I’m up against quite yet.  With all of that shit hanging on the wall, who knows exactly what Elena is planning on doing to me tonight.

She walks over to the wall, explaining that she is trading the riding crop for a flogger due to the fact, that when used properly, it creates a nicer…sting…she says, followed by a devious, but sexy sort of laugh.

Sting? I don’t want to be stung…I think to myself.  I begin to struggle against the four restraints that are keeping me from being able to jump off this bed and run for the door.  I yank, I pull…nothing.

“Just let me out of this shit, Elena.  I want to go.”  I yell out, confused by the entire situation.

“Darling.” She sits down next to me on the bed, her voice softer now.  “I’m not going to hurt you, and, there is nothing to be scared of…now just relax…enjoy it” She shoots me a wink…

Enjoy it? But, you’re about to sting me with that fucking thing.  Nobody would enjoy it.

And, before I could drive myself anymore insane with all of the yelling that’s going on inside of my head, she moves swiftly over me, and is now straddling me.  My cock begins to twitch slightly…partly because she is half naked, and partly because…well, I’m a horny 15 year old, completely naked and strapped to a hot older woman’s bed.

“Mmm, I see that now you’re relaxing.”  That’s not relaxed, that’s horny.

She takes the flogger and drags it slowly down my chest stopping at my stomach, before drawing back her arm, then with a twirling movement of her wrist, she repeatedly whips it down onto my chest.  She was right…it does sting a little, but it doesn’t hurt.

Wait, I spoke to soon.  That’s starting to hurt…but, just a little.  I begin to pull against the straps, my body beginning to writhe around the bed within the confines of my small restrained space.  She can clearly see now that there’s a look of pain on my face each time the flogger strikes my skin.

“Control it, darling…you are in charge of your body…don’t let the pain get the best of you.”  Huh?  That doesn’t even make sense to me right now.  “Breath, baby…”  She whispers.  “Once you understand it, you will learn to control it.”

Alright…I can do this.  After-all, this is what she was explaining to me earlier.  Even if everything she has said is still confusing to me, I’m willing to give it a shot.  I try to let her soft voice sooth me…I try to relax and find a way to enjoy this.  I remember her words…This will teach you to control your life.

I close my eyes and focus, slowly but surely becoming more and more relaxed.  The flogger still stings, but it’s now a different kind of sting.  She continues to hit the exact same spot over and over…and, it’s almost numb at this point.  It almost feels good.  Hmm, weird.  Well, at least my cock seems to think so, because now it has decided to fully join the party and is ready to play.

“Very good, Christian.”  She says, her voice now low…raspy.  “You’re a natural…just like I knew you’d be.”

She tosses the flogger onto the floor.  She lifts herself up just enough to move her panties aside before taking hold of my cock and lowering herself slowly down onto it… letting out a soft moan as she guides me inside of her with ease…

Oh fuck…I’m having sex with my moms friend.

Oh fuck… I’m not a virgin anymore.

Oh fuck…Am I Elena’s submissive now?

Oh….fuck, indeed.

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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13 Responses to Like a virgin…flogged for the very first time.

  1. Oh, Mr. Grey. Wow. Simply wow. I know we shouldn’t say this because Ana’s story is important, but your story needs to be told. The raw, gut-wrenching emotions you bring to your descriptions of your experience make your readers feel your pain and confusion…and untimately your pleasure (guilty as it may be).

    Please continue your story…I’ll beg if I have to…maybe….

    Well done, Sir!

  2. Jojo says:

    F*^K! Indeed ! Whew Weee! I loved this entry ! Thanks
    Ms. FSP !

  3. Jojo says:

    Mr. Grey
    Please keep this blog up ! Pun intended !
    Ms. JoJo aka Ms. FSP.

  4. Ms.JoJo says:

    Mr. Grey
    Please keep this blog up! Pun intended !
    Ms.JoJo aka Ms. FSP

  5. Melissa says:

    Mr. Grey,

    You have outdone yourself. Your writing is full of feeling, this blog lets us really understand another piece of Christian. To let us inside this world is greatly appreciated. Its hot, steamy, exciting, the list goes on! I will impatiently wait for ur next entry gorgeous! Ty for sharing your insight n talent with all of us -smiles- I LOVE it!

  6. Michele says:

    Absolutely loved this one, wow! I love your side and how you become Elena’s submissive.. Great job, your an awesome writer!! xxxx

  7. im in awe! i can even begin to tell you how this affects me! Do not know whether in a good or bad way, bad because i feel bad for the 15yr old or good because i can now see how you became to be the man you are. Thank you.

  8. Jennifer says:

    Again another tingling and stimulating blog! You are truly an amazing person! Love you as Dom even more as sub!

  9. Has to be one of my favorites Christian! BRAVO….WELL DONE….T.O.

  10. Ms JoJo says:

    I LOVE THESE! I get excited when my inbox says I have a new one!!!

  11. di says:

    I like the way you show what you felt being with Elena for the first time, I have read it a thousand times and I love it….

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