What happens in the Boathouse..Stays in the Boathouse….

Dinner with the Grey family is always entertaining. Mia is usually bouncing around the room…twirling..singing..complaining non-stop about her boy troubles. Elliot on the other-hand ..boasting about his many conquests. No doubt tonight, he will be bringing Kate..his latest..conquest. Maybe she will be different, he really seems to like this girl. Why? I have no fucking clue…The girl bugs the shit out of me, and it’s extremely clear that the feeling is mutual. Oh well..his funeral.

We arrive at my parents home and almost immediately, Mia runs over to greet us. Without missing a beat, she is all over Anastasia, hugging her..choking is more like it…and informing her that I’ve never brought a girl home before..Thank you for that, dear sister…but she already knows. How can a girl be adorable and annoying as fuck, all at the same time? That..is Mia.

My family is acting like I’ve brought home the Queen of England with their behavior. Fawning over poor Anastasia, hugging her..overwhelming her with questions. Even Kate joins in as she bounces over to hug Anastasia, as well. I’m more than surprised that nobody has mentioned to her that they’ve all always thought that I was gay by now..Oh well..as long as nobody tries to hug me, I don’t give a shit. This is going to be a long night.

After pre-dinner drinks and endless chatter, we are seated at the formal dining room table. I see that Grace has pulled out all of the stops tonight…the very best of everything. She has always loved to entertain, and since they don’t think that I’m gay anymore, well..I suppose that’s reason for a celebration.

Gretchen begins to serve the appetizers and the Spanish Inquisition continues. How did we meet? Have you two had sex? Is Christian straight? Alright, no one has asked that..but..I’m sure it’s coming. They’re actually now asking Anastasia questions about the new place, finding a job..the usual questions. I find myself tuning out for a moment as Anastasia nervously answers them all one by one. My thoughts straying away from the conversation as they seem to focus on one thing…her panties that are tucked away…..inside of my pocket.

I place my hand on her leg and slowly inch it up her thigh, thinking that a little sneaky dip will surely liven up this dinner party..when suddenly..she squeezes her thighs together, shutting me out of my favorite place…Is she fucking serious with this? I don’t think so, Miss Steele.

I glare in her direction and my focus quickly returns to the discussion that’s going on between her and Kate. What’s this shit that I’m hearing? Anastasia is going to see her mom in Georgia  Why am I just now hearing about this? My palm immediately begins to twitch…Mr. Grey is not a happy man right now. Someone’s ass is about to turn Fifty Shades of Pink again, and soon. Just what is it that this girl doesn’t understand about me? Controlling asshole, remember. I need to know everything…

I glare at Anastasia, and ask her what’s going on. She gives me that..Oh shit, I’m in trouble..look, and she can clearly see that I’m extremely unhappy. She begins to explain that she was going to tell me..and not one to cause a scene I explain to her, that I’m palm twitching mad and that she will be punished for not telling me….right after dinner.

And, thank fuck that dinner is over. I take Anastasia’s hand and stand up, pulling her with me. “Excuse us, I’m going to give Anastasia a tour of the grounds.” And, with that, we are out the back door and I am now about to give her the spanking of a lifetime.

We begin to walk across the grass and I see that her heels are digging into the ground. She starts to remove them and I quickly pick her up, tossing her over my shoulder. “Where are you taking me.” She asks, surprised and probably a bit worried. She can see that I’m clearly still annoyed at our earlier conversation about her little trip to Georgia.

“The Boathouse.” I snap. “I need to be alone with you.” Her voice now quiet, and a bit shaky. “What for?” “Because, I’m going to spank you…then fuck the shit out of you…” I walk quickly towards the boathouse, palm twitching all the way. “But, why?” She asks. “You know why, Miss Steele.” She is now breathless..nervous. “I thought you were an in the moment sort of guy?”

Oh, Miss Steele…I am ..in the moment…..

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of this..love story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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23 Responses to What happens in the Boathouse..Stays in the Boathouse….

  1. Chrissy says:

    Amazing as always Mr Grey. You have an excellent way with words, as always. Keep writing, you have a talent for it.

  2. Oh Mr. Grey…you certainly know how to get a girl all worked up on a Friday night…what a great post. Your perspective is always entertaining and so well writen….

  3. Michele says:

    Another fine read sir! Wow, What a turn on, the boathouse! Your version is absolutely amazing! Loving it!

  4. Jojo says:

    Mr. Angry Palm ,
    I am faning myself as I type this ! (blows out a breath )
    I have just turned ” Fifty Shades of Pink”
    Thanks for that 😉
    Ms. Fifty Shades of Pink

  5. Melissa says:

    OMG Mr. Grey,

    Once again you leave me wanting more and more. My friday night will surely be fun because I will be thinking of what 50 shades will do to Ana! I am hot & bothered and I thank you * winks, devilish grin*
    Xo u never disappoint Mr. Grey love it gorgeous thank u!

  6. Awesome Sir! I thought I was in trouble there for a few minutes. *winks* Maybe that was more like wishful thinking! Thank you Sexy

  7. Great blog tonight, Mr. Grey…. What a lovely way to end a stressful week. Thank you for sharing your talent! Laters….

  8. miss happy says:

    well another brilliant one gorgeous .thank you for entertainin me.xx

  9. Danielle says:

    Mr. Grey, As always you have brought a very welcome distraction to life. Reading your delicious point of view has me hot and bothered…dripping and patiently waiting for your next post! Thank you sir 🙂 Danielle

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