Sandy can go fuck herself…..A non-Trilogy Tale.

**Note to my readers..

Be advised that this is in no way meant to make light of Hurricane Sandy. That bitch is causing  a lot of shit out there. We are all saddened by the lives lost and the destruction she is causing. By the request of my followers, I have decided to entertain you all, in my way. Stay safe out there.

Good going, Grey. Let’s bring Anastasia to New York city for a “get-a-way”. In my defense, I had no way of knowing that a Hurricane was about to hit the east coast. At least we managed to get in a few days off sight seeing before the news broke.

The flights have all been cancelled, so we pack up and leave the hotel, and I hire a driver to take us to a bed and breakfast upstate..well out of harms way. 

The B&B is nice, small and that B&B sort of way. It’s not my style, but it’ll have to do until we can get a flight home..that will most likely be a couple of days.

After lunch downstairs, they inform us that the area is on alert for high-winds a torrential downpour…and that it will be best to stay in our room for the remainder of our stay. Oh,,whatever will we do with our time…

After starting a fire in the fireplace, I join Anastasia by the window, and we stare out at the extreme weather that is taking place all around us. “Baby, come away from the window…just to be safe.” I lead her over to the bed and begin to unbutton her blouse..with that dark hungry look in my eyes. “I know a way we could pass the time.” I slide her blouse down her arms, letting it fall to the floor.

She has a look of worry in her eyes, even though we’ve been assured that we are safe here..I still see it. I have a feeling that my cock can take care of that…

After sliding her jeans off, I tell her to get on the bed..”On your hands and knees, Miss Steele.” I order, grinning. I quickly undress and move onto the bed, positioning myself behind her. My hands move slowly up her back until I reach her bra. I unfasten it and let it fall down her arms…then reach my hands around to cup her perfect breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers until they harden at my teasing. She moans softly, her body turning to jello at my touch.

“You like that, don’t you, Miss Steele.” I know that I can make her come this way..but, I have other things in mind. My hand moves slowly down and I hook my finger beneath her panties, and with one hard tug, I rip them from her body. She quivers with excitement. “Hold still.” I demand. My tone is harsh, but, what she can’t see is the huge devious grin that is on my face. Oh, how I love to fuck with her.

I slide one hand down between her legs and slip a finger inside of her, moving it slowly in and out as she begins to move her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. “Baby, you are dripping wet.” So wet in fact, that her sweet juices are now running down my hand. My free twitching up a storm is now flat on her ass, gently caressing…preparing to spank. Just as she seems to be lost in my fingering expertise, I swing my arm back and swat her ass… hard. The sound that it makes when it’s cracking against that ass of hers, is like music to my ears.

Her body jerks forward as I spank her again. I continue until her ass is the perfect shade of pink. Or..50 shades of pink rather…

I position my now throbbing…way beyond twitching cock at her entrance, placing my hands on her hips, I slam into her with force. She cries out as the top of her head lightly taps the headboard as I push against her body hard, inching her across the bed.

My thrusts becoming harder and harder, she now has the bedspread tight in her grip as she begs for more.. and, I am more than happy to oblige. I abruptly pull out, sliding my arm underneath her and flip her over, her legs spread wide and now against my chest. I plunge back inside of her and continue fucking her long…and hard. I will do what I must do to keep my girl from being afraid, and if that means fucking her until this shit passes, that’s exactly what I intend to do…

Now…this is the way to deal with shitty weather…..

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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28 Responses to Sandy can go fuck herself…..A non-Trilogy Tale.

  1. Chrissy says:

    Mr Grey. Delicate subject handled extremly well. And then of course the sex. You can be my distration anytime Gorgeous. Your writing is amazing.

  2. Melissa says:

    Mr. Grey,

    I LOVE it! Thx u for writing this it took my mind off things for a few minutes. I am in NY n the lights r fighting 2 stay on; thx 2 u I can think if a few things 2 pass the time * winks & grins)


    • Be safe, sweetheart. I’m glad I could take your mind off of it, if only for a short time. Keep me posted, Please.

      • Melissa says:

        Mr. Grey,

        Ty will do. Right now I am by candle light no electricity. Thx 4 ur concern it means a lot!

        ~M aka Rambo313 ( I figured I tell u its the same girl *winks*)

      • Good to know, Melissa. Thank you for telling me. That suits you better than, Rambo. You’re safe though?

      • Melissa says:

        Mr. Grey,

        Your welcome! Yes, I am ok thank you, I can deal with no power as long as everything. Else is ok. It seems to have calm down a lot hopefully it has passed or at least the worst is behind us.

  3. I’ll take you as a distraction any time Mr Grey *winks* If it turns me on…it’s well written, and as usual Sir, you’ve nailed me! er… it! Thanks, Sexy!

  4. Michele says:

    That would distract me anytime!! Whew!!

  5. Julie says:

    Thank you, Sir. I’m still a little scared though….tell me a bedtime story????

  6. Ms.JoJo says:

    Wooooppoooooooooo hoooopooooopppp!
    Ms. Fifty Shdaes of Pink !

  7. Amazing way to distract oneself. Thank you for putting our minds at ease. Any time you want i will gladly help with your shades!!!

  8. Zoraya says:

    Very entertaining Mr. Grey! Exactly what I needed right now during this terrible storm! Thank you!

  9. punkinboo77 says:

    You never disappoint!

  10. ladysarah7 says:

    Love it! Your writing is so intelligently insightful, witty and sexy as hell – very clever Sir 😉 xx

  11. miss happy says:

    thanx again mr grey very sexy love it. thanx gorgeous.xx

  12. Cheryl A Fisher-Goddess says:

    Great Writing I’m a bit late getting on board and reading these posts Mr Grey 😐 I am REALLY enjoying your writing so far. 👍👏🙌😍 I must tell you a brief story. I am from central NJ and my husband is a Capt on our Local Fire Dept he was on duty Oct 29th ( his deceased Mothers b-day) We were unable or get a generator before the Storm. I had never taken the time to read and July 2011 I purchased “Fifty Shades of Grey” (I wanted to see the hype for myself) I had finally started to read the book being alone during “Hurricaine Sandy” and when the power went by that evening I ready by flashlight & or candle light. We were without power for a week & by that Thursday there were generators available at our local Sears I had finished Book 1 & when my husband went to get our generator I had him get me books,2 & 3 I really enjoyed the Series and You Sir Mr. Christian Grey were MY 1st “Book Boyfriend” and “Sexy Man Crush” You will Always be “MY FIRST” but since then I Have Found another and I have room in my heart for ……. I Digress…….Mr. Donovan Hart 😘❤️🙌
    Once again THANK YOU 🌹 for keeping All of Us Ladies “Entertained, with your “Gift” of the Writen Word ( or Shall I say Typed )
    “Laters Baby” ……..👋………………😘💋✌️

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