Time to crack the crop….


I come back into the room..wearing no shirt, just my torn old jeans.

I’m pleased to find her still kneeling..eyes looking down.I’m aroused immediately, twitchy palm and all. “Good girl, Anastasia.Well done, now stand up” She does as I ask, keeping her eyes focused on the floor. “You may look at me.” I order in a soft, yet commanding tone.

She looks up, her eyes now locked on mine as she awaits my next command. “Give me your right arm, I’m going to chain you now, Anastasia.” She holds out her arm in-front of her, and I turn her palm so that it faces upward. I surprise her with the crack of riding crop that I have been holding at my side since entering the room, right in the center of her hand. “How does that feel?” The look in her eyes is one of confusion and shock.

“It was okay.” And, she’s suddenly frowning. “Why are you frowning, Anastasia? Did that hurt?” She responds right away, her voice soft. “No.” I already know that it didn’t even before she answers. One swat of a crop gives off a slight sting..not pain. I do understand that she’s nervous and unsure of what I have planned for her in here, so I try to reassure her. “I’m not going to hurt you..do you understand that?”

She nods and says yes, but I’m not too sure that she’s buying it. “I mean it, Anastasia.”

I lead her over to the grid, and ask her to raise her hands up over her head. I explain that, the shackles move along the grid and that we will start here..but end up at the wooden “X” that’s secured to the wall at the other end. “I’m going to fuck you standing up.” I say, matter of factly, then I fasten her wrists to the leather cuffs before taking a step back to admire my handiwork.

“Miss Steele, you look stunning like this.” Just as I had envisioned she would look..fucking amazing. My eyes are dark and filled with lust at the sight of her. Finally, what I’ve been waiting for, Anastasia in my playroom.

I begin to peel her panties off, sliding them slowly down her legs..my eyes intensely locked on hers the entire time. I stuff them into the front pocket of my jeans, but not before bringing them up to my nose to inhale her sweet scent. I can’t help but smirk as she gives me a look of shock and surprise as I smell them…Yes..I just did that, Miss Steele

Time for the real fun to begin. I stand before her…the riding crop once again in my eager grip. I place it under her chin, and use it to tilt her head up so that her eyes meet mine. I drag the crop down the middle of her body in one slow fluid motion. Her body reacts and begins to quiver ever so slightly at the feel of the leather as it glides down..stopping between her legs.

“Spread your legs for me, Miss Steele.” I order, my voice soft and breathless. She immediately does as I ask, and I hit her clitoris with the crop two times…she cries out, begging for more. “Quiet.” I whisper, as I push the tip of the crop inside of her. “Open your mouth.” I bring the crop up to her lips, and just as she parts them, I slip it into her mouth. “Suck..suck hard, baby” She closes her mouth around the crop and begins to suck. I’m in a trance like state at this point, I cant take my eyes off of her..what a sight to see.

I remove the crop and press my body hard against hers, my free arm wraps tightly around her waist pulling her to me. I kiss her hard, my tongue invading her mouth so that I can taste what she has just tasted. “Miss Steele, you taste very sweet.” I take a step back, again taking a moment to admire this beautiful sight. I walk slowly around her and bring the crop up to meet her ass with a hard crack of the crop. She winces, but this time remains silent. “Good girl.” I continue on, using the crop now on each breast, her back and again on her ass. I can see that the bite of the crop is causing her to squirm as her body shudders at every hit…Christ.. I can’t take it another minute.

“Lift your legs and wrap them around my waist, baby.” I drop the riding crop on the floor, and unbutton my jeans quickly sliding them down just enough to free my erection. After slipping on a condom, I lift her up and help as she wraps her legs around my waist and without a moments pause, I thrust my cock inside of her. She rests her arms on my shoulders as I bury my face into her neck, my breathing now elevated as I thrust into her…hard, again and again. Our bodies moving together, both of us working up a sweat as we lose ourselves in this moment.

She cries out as her body begins to convulse, finally succumbing to her orgasm. I immediately follow, my cock throbbing as I jerk back my head..my muscles tighten in my entire body as I explode inside of her.

After releasing her from the shackles, I pull her against my chest, holding her up as she seems to be spent from our activities. Good, just how I like it.

“Well done, baby. Did that hurt?” She replies no, still trying to catch her breath. “See, Anastasia, your fear is in your head. Would you do that again?” I pull her into a hug, placing a soft kiss on her neck. “Yes.” She whispers in that sweet soft voice that I rarely get to hear.

“Good..so would I.” I release her, knowing that shes had just about all she can take, but..well, she is in training after-all, so I order her to kneel by the door.

“I’m not finished with you just yet”

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of this..love story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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11 Responses to Time to crack the crop….

  1. Melissa says:

    Hey gorgeous,

    What a fantastic blog entry! It left me speechless, breathless, and wanting more!!! O those jeans! You really captured Christian in this one. Mr. Grey I am glad I am home *devilish grin*

  2. Chrissy says:

    As always handsome, you know exactly what to say. Your writing is amazing and I can’t wait to read more. Keep doing exactly what your doing Mr Grey.

  3. I don’t even have words to describe this, Mr. Grey. All I can say is that this was over the top. So hot…so amazing. And that line “Yes, I just did that” is perfect. You are a god, Sir.

  4. Ms.JoJo says:

    Whew! Mr. Grey ! That was very erotic .
    I remembered that part.
    I did blush a lot .
    Love 😉
    Ms. JoJo

  5. Tawn says:

    I’ve suddenly developed a fondness for riding crops.

  6. Melissa says:


    I 100% agree with u!


  7. Mmmm That was HOT Christian, just like you are babe! *winks* I LIKE…. WANT MORE….

  8. Michele says:

    An very enticing read, leaving me wanting more and more. Note to self must invest in riding crop! “Smirking” I’m spent now sir and looking forward to the next fine read! Totally breathless read!

  9. Jennifer says:

    As always sir you leave me wanting more. Mind blowing .

  10. punkinboo77 says:

    Awesome as always!!!

  11. miss happy says:

    hi gorgeous whoa that was great that blog we need more soon. never a dull moment on ure blogs love them.xx

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