There’s just something about those jeans….


I read her email with a look of confusion on my face.

             You wanted to know why I felt confused after you..spanked, punished, beat..assaulted me.

Assaulted? That’s a bit much..Shaking my head, I read on.

             During the whole alarming process, I felt demeaned, debased, and abused.

I smirk at her choice of words, she’s the one that chose debasement. I finish reading, and am able to take a bit of comfort in one of the final lines that she wrote.

              When I was lying in your arms, I felt… sated.

I choose to focus on that line. She also added that she feels uncomfortable..guilty even, feeling that way. But, I know that in time those feelings will disappear.

Sunday is finally here. Anastasia is now a resident of Seattle. That pleases me very much. To have her nearby… it makes everything that much easier.

She arrives right on time at my penthouse to meet with Dr. Greene. We sit on the couch as we wait for her to arrive, and share a few laughs over the picture that is posted in the Seattle Times…the one taken at her graduation. I point at the caption under the picture..a wild smirk across my face.

             Christian Grey and friend at the graduation ceremony at WSU Vancouver.

Yes, a very good friend….

After Dr. Greene leaves, we sit down at the breakfast bar, and I notice that’s it not just me who rushes through the meal. We both have other things on our minds at the moment. 

I turn on my stool to look at her, and even before I even speak, she knows exactly what’s about to happen, which is apparent by the dark look in my eyes.

“Are you finished, because I’m ready to tie you up and fuck you senseless..right now.” She gasps, and replies with a soft quiet..yes.

I take her hand and lead her the playroom. I fish the key from my pocket, and open the door, stepping aside, letting her enter before me. I follow her in, she turns to face me and our eyes lock. The sight of her my playroom causes an instant and welcomed twitch of my cock.

“Remember, when you’re in here, you are completely mine. You will do what you’re told, and never, ever…hesitate.”

My gaze is intense, heated…filled with lust. “Now take off your shoes.” She immediately complies. “Now, I’m going to peel you out of that dress, Miss Steele. Lift your arms.” I order..I can feel her breathing increase as my fingers lightly touch her skin as I lift her dress up slowly over her head. I toss it to the floor.

The back of my hand trails slowly down her back until I reach the clasp of her bra. Her skin is so perfect. I unhook her bra and slide it down her arms, letting it fall to the floor. “Turn around.” I gather her hair in my hands and begin to put it into one long braid as I place soft kisses down the back of her neck and along her shoulder.

“This is how you will dress every time that we come in here..just in your panties. Understand?” She replies in that sweet soft voice of hers. “Yes.”  I give her a disapproving stare. “Yes, what?” My eyes burning into hers as she quickly corrects herself. “Yes, sir.” I give her a slight smile of approval. “Good girl.” Again, speaking in a more forceful tone. “Every time that we come in here, I expect you to kneel over there.”  Pointing to a spot near the door. “Do it now.”

She clumsily kneels down, looking up at me awaiting my next command. “Now, sit back on your heels,  placing your hands flat on your thighs…spread your knees apart…eyes on the floor.” I slide my tongue slowly along my bottom lip at this exquisite sight. “Good girl” I walk around her slowly.. reach down and take hold of her braid, tugging her head back so that our eyes meet. “Will you remember this position, Miss Steele?” She answers in a beat. “Yes, sir.” 

“Good girl, now stay here.” I order. “Do not move.” I leave the room and walk down the corridor to my bedroom, taking my favorite pair of old faded torn jeans out of the closet to change into. The stage is set.

Time to meet your Dom, Miss Steele. 



About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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27 Responses to There’s just something about those jeans….

  1. Ms.JoJo says:

    Blush Blush Blush Blush Blush & ( blows out a breath) Oh Mr. Grey , please have mercy on me .

  2. Michele says:

    Oh my, oh my, its getting really good now! Can’t wait for the next blog! I look forward to the Dom in Christian to come out and play roughly.

  3. Sasha says:

    oh my, oh my, oh my, talk about sexually stimulating, this is not happening to me bt boy if sure feels that way…. im anticipating Dom Christian!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for more. dont stop now keep it coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mr. Grey, your ability to get me fired up is second to none. I love your insight. I love hearing your thoughts about her email. I really like reading about rushing through the meal to get into the Red Room. Then you ended the email…you tease….

    Excellent work, Sir!

  5. Melissa says:

    OMG OMG OMG, I cannot wait for your next post Mr. Grey. I am excited to see Christian the dom! I feel like its happening to me even though its not, but a girl can dream right?! Haha! Can’t wait Mr. Grey!!! 🙂 Totally stimulating!

  6. My favorite part! *melting inside* You in those jeans. Holding my breath ’til the next one sexy! *winks*

  7. Tawn says:

    Wow! I’m breathless…

  8. miss happy says:

    hi gorgeous well what can i say another excellent blog. u never cease to amaze me i love it. need more its getting to be an addiction. love you and love your blogs. bye gorgeous.xx

  9. Jennifer says:

    Pleasure just picturing those jeans. Thank you , sir. A bright spot in my day reading this blog.

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