Slumber party, Mr. Grey?


Her last email to me reads…Because you never stay with me…….

Christ, this again? She’s upset with me for leaving now? I have explained this to her again and again about sleeping in the same bed with someone. In short, I just don’t do it…ever, not with anyone.

Rubbing the back of my neck, which is now moist from the flush feeling that has invaded my body, I begin to pace the room. I know what I have to do, but, can I do this? I don’t want to lose her..not that I fully even have her yet. But, this fucked up shit, will be the end of any sort of relationship with my beautiful vanilla girl if I don’t give in to a few of my hard set rules.

It’s apparent by the words in her last few emails that she’s upset about the spank fest from earlier tonight. She seemed fine when I left…I know I went full force on her, but it was all in the name of punishment. I thought that it was quite gentlemanly of me to rub the lotion on her reddened ass. Guess not.

My first instinct is to ignore her email for now…or, at the very most, write back and tell her to suck it up, as this is how spankings go. She knew this was going to happen sooner or later. But, since this is her first experience with me and my angry palm, I decide that I’d best go check on her instead.

The drive over to her apartment buys me a few more minutes of time to think, to sort out how I feel about all of this. Am I about to surrender myself and everything that I believe in and sleep with her in her bed..all night? This is a big decision for me, I never even thought that I’d be faced with any of this. A submissive knows not to ask. I’ve made sure that each and every single submissive that I’ve selected was up to meeting my standards, rules and demands. That’s just the way things work with me.

So, I arrive at her place. Kate answers the door fuming mad and immediately begins to yell, saying that Anastasia cries all the time since meeting me, asking what I’ve done to her…demanding that I leave.

Right bitch, not happening.

I force my way past her and go straight to Anastasia’s room. I find her sitting on her bed in the dark, sobbing uncontrollably. What the fuck is going on here? I switch the light on, and she glances up, looking at me through teary eyes, blinking at the harsh brightness of the light, causing her to squint. I turn the light off and rush to her side.

“Christ, Ana, what’s going on here?” I barely get the words out and Kate is standing a few steps inside of the bedroom, asking Anastasia if she should throw me out. That bastard to be exact…Of course she tells her, no. That’s right, no need to butt in, she wants me here you insane bitch. She reminds Anastasia that she’s right down the hall if she might need her, tossing in that I’m now on her shit list. I may die of a broken heart from her words. I roll my eyes as she finally leaves, wanting to yell back at her… I’ve got this, I’m what she needs…I’m what she wants. Just go the fuck away.

I can’t stand that girl…shit list my fucking ass.

I turn to face Anastasia, asking if she ever took the Advil that I suggested, and she quickly shakes her head no. Christ, will she ever do as I ask? Irritated, I go in search of some for her and unfortunately run into Kate in the kitchen. At least it seems that she’s calmed down finally, as she uncharacteristically keeps her mouth shut..for a change.. and does give me some Advil for Anastasia. Such a saint. I return to her room this time ordering her to take the damn pills.

After some much needed discussion, I feel confident that she understands better what I’m about. Well, at least, I hope that she does. I explain again about spanking…the difference between receiving them for pleasure, and receiving them for punishment. I know that she was sexually aroused by it, whether she wishes to admit that to herself or not. But, I trust that in time, she will indeed get it.

“Time to sleep, now, Anastasia.” I undress, pull back the covers and get into bed with her. This girl is a wreck, and we both have work tomorrow. Now isn’t the time for fucking, vanilla or otherwise. I will give her time to absorb all that’s happened, all that I’ve said.

This woman has bewitched me, something I’m completely foreign to me. Something that I..Christian Grey, CEO of my fucked up reality, never thought would happen.

Oh…but, indeed, it has happened.

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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34 Responses to Slumber party, Mr. Grey?

  1. Oh, Mr. Grey. This may actually be one of my favorite posts. You took a trip into your psyche with this one, and it was magnificent. So telling, so revealing, so…raw.

    Your blog is an addiction. Given the smile you put on my face, I hope there’s no cure.

    Well done, Sir!

  2. Christian, You out did yourself on this one babe. Outstanding!

  3. grey2hazel says:

    Sir once again love your view on this .I did want your take on this soo should write the book in your view love it *winking*

  4. Ms JoJo says:

    Mr. Angry Palm
    It would seem the start of “LOVE” has hit it’s mark on your heart. ( I know you don’t have one) that is BS! ( I know better)
    This blog post has touched me.
    Thanks so much for the trip into your mind on this one.
    Ms. JoJo

  5. miss happy says:

    brilliant as usual. you reallly do no how to tell a story. thanx gorgeous.xx

  6. Michele says:

    I love love your version on this. Another fine story you have done.

    Anastasia doesn’t know your world your dominance and never really had a boyfriend so yes she wants the vanilla but also likes the dark side but doesn’t know how to accept in your fucked up world, but I can tell in your words that you are starting to fall for her but even though you don’t want the vanilla life you want her more and you are as scared as she is.. I’m no long on twitter and dearly wish you well. You are a great writer!! Take Care, Michele

  7. Melissa says:

    Mr. Grey,

    I just discovered this blog and I am hooked. Your writing is fantastic, it makes my day; keep blogging away! 🙂

  8. mel says:

    I loved the way that you confronted Kate, reread it, and I died laughing. Excellent Mr.Grey ^^

  9. Awwww you are the most adorable man!! even when you cant you do!!! Thank you Mr. Grey sir. sigh

  10. Becky says:

    I love to read your point of view! This is fantastic! Xoxo

  11. Zoraya says:

    Well done on your blog so far Mr. Grey. I enjoy the Grey perspective of this story. You have outdone yourself once again. You can be very addicting Mr. Grey. 😉

  12. Sasha says:

    One word *Amazing* jus discovered ur blog like yesterday and I’m hooked!!! I always said I wanted to knw ur pov and now I knw!!!! And I’m immensely happy!!!!! Keep dem coming Sir Grey….. *live to read ur blog* laters

  13. Thank you for giving us your side of the story Christian. I’m hooked. You’re an incredible writer.

  14. Ms JoJo says:

    Mr.Angry Palm]
    Waiting for the next entry………….

    You might even make my palms twitch 🙂
    Ms. JoJo

  15. di says:

    This is the first post that I read and I love it, this chapter is one of my favourites from book one, I will try to catch up with your previous posts 🙂

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