What daddy doesn’t know, won’t hurt him…


It’s been well over twenty-fours hours since I sent my last email to her…..

Still no response. I feel like an asshole checking my inbox every five minutes, but I need to hear something. Anything. Even if it’s not the answer that I’d like, an answer would be nice, in any case. I go over and over in my mind the details of our last meeting. The look in her eyes as she drove away that night, tells me that her answer just might be a no.

I arrive at the University and make my way to the gymnasium for her graduation ceremony, which I am a guest speaker at. I scan over the mass amount of students and parents, looking for her. I take my seat on the stage with the faculty and other guest speakers, and finally spot her in the crowd. I make sure that she doesn’t catch me watching her and I quickly look away, keeping my eyes focused ahead.

My speech was extremely well received. I may be fucked up in many ways, but when I speak about the hunger and poverty issues of the world, I become a different man. A caring man…a concerned man…almost a normal man in some ways. This issue is close to my heart.

The graduates are lining up to receive their diplomas. I rise and take my place next to the Chancellor to congratulate each student one by one. There she is… next in line. We make eye contact for only a brief moment, she quickly looks down at her fingers knowing that I’m upset with her since I’ve made a point of ignoring her up until now. I hand her a diploma, shake her hand and lean in close, whispering. “Is your laptop broken, Miss Steele?” She only responds with a quick..no. “Then you are ignoring my emails?”

This is bullshit. How hard is it to write back? Write back and tell me to fuck off..I don’t care, just don’t fucking ignore me. I try to keep calm, but my irritation is apparent. “Later, Miss Steele.” Her mouth drops open. She moves on down the line and steps off the stage returning to her seat as I continue handing out the rest of the degrees.

The ceremony has ended and Miss Kavanagh is about to leave the stage, so I ask her to get Anastasia and have her to meet me near the locker rooms. I make my way over to the locker rooms and wait. I go over what I want to say in my head. Try to calm down Grey..she’s just a girl. Stop obsessing over this..over her.

She finally makes her way over to me and looks almost scared to talk to me, knowing that I’m angry. I take her aside and ask again why she has been ignoring my emails. She has some bullshit excuse that she’s been busy..hasn’t checked her emails..bla, bla, bla. “Well, I’ve been worried about you, Anastasia.” She asks why, and I go into my rant regarding that car of hers. She tries to assure me that it’s perfectly safe, as Jose services it on a regular basis. That comes as no comfort, as I know what Jose wishes he was servicing. That weasel needs to go the fuck away.

She explains that her dad is on his own and that she needs to get back to him. She obviously wants to get out of this discussion, and, this clearly isn’t the time nor the place to be having it anyway. I tell her that I would love to meet Ray, and walk over with her despite her objections. She is looking down at her fingers again as she asks what she will introduce me to her father as. “The man who deflowered me and wants to start a BDSM relationship with me? I chuckle at her suggestion, and tell her to introduce me as a friend. Daddy doesn’t need to know just what kind of friend I am. Hello sir, I am the man that likes to spank your little girl and fuck the shit out of her after…. No, probably not.

After a brief conversation, coupled with big mouth Kavanagh blurting out that I’m Anastasia’s boyfriend, I can see that I have won Ray over with my knowledge of fishing and business sense. He’s impressed and thrilled to have his little girl dating such a catch as me. I make my apologies as I say my goodbye’s and shake his hand as I excuse myself explaining that I have a meeting to get to. He tells me to look after his baby girl. I nod at him with a slight grin, but, smirk like a fool as I walk to my car.

Trust me, I fully intend to…look after her…..with the palm of my hand as she is across my knee, sir.

About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of this..love story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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6 Responses to What daddy doesn’t know, won’t hurt him…

  1. 1misshappy says:

    U never disapointment brilliant as usual x

  2. Ms JoJo says:

    Well Mr. Grey
    It seems “Fifty” is in full effect.
    I had missed a few entry’s had to catch up.
    I must say your mind is most interesting
    Ms. JoJo

  3. It’s always fun to get a peek inside your head, Mr Grey. Another captivating entry well done…

  4. That sounds like a system glitch.

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