Nice knowing you, sir…


Well, that was fun…..

My mother stops by just as we are in a post coital state of bliss. I had to laugh at the look on her face when she saw that I had a woman in my bedroom. It’s obvious that my family decided that I was gay a long time ago. It’s not like I ever brought any former subs around them.Why would I? 

I eventually drove Miss Steele home, and now I am back at the Heathman, I prefer to be close to her..stalking is much harder to do from Seattle.

We exchange a few emails discussing the terms of the contract, all pretty basic.. But, then there is this infuriating one from her.”I’ve seen enough.It was nice knowing you.” What the fuck is this shit? Nice knowing me? Game on Miss Steele. I guess she needs a reminder of just how nice it is…knowing me.

I leave the hotel and drive over to her apartment. My palm is on full twitch over that email. The words, nice knowing you, is playing over and over in my head the entire drive.

I arrive at her place and Kate lets me in.She greets me and seems a bit confused, yet points me in the direction of Miss Steele’s bedroom door and heads off down the hall.That’s right Miss Kavanagh, go to your room..this doesn’t concern you.I lean against the door jam observing Miss Steele in her room as she is packing, no clue that I’m here whatsoever.

After a few delicious moments of uninterrupted stalker-esq staring, she looks up and finally spots me standing here.Her mouth drops open from either embarrassment or from the shock of my showing up unannounced, clearly she knows why I am here. Damn, it was rather humorous to watch her. Oh well. I enter the room.

“Good evening Miss Steele. May I sit?” Being the arrogant ass that I am, I sit next to her on the edge of her bed before she has a chance to answer. Not one to beat around the bush, I get right to it. “So, it was nice knowing me was it?” Oh, there it is..just the look I had expected. She stares down at her fingers, biting her lip, then replies in a soft voice. “I thought you’d reply by email.” What..and miss the chance to punish you? Not a chance sweetheart. My tone changes, more dark, more angry. “Are you biting your lip on purpose, Miss Steele?” As if I wasn’t irritated enough by that email, now she pulls out the lip act. She remains silent.

“I see that you’ve decided to do some exercise?” Obviously.She is wearing running attire, and the sweat hasn’t fully dried from her shirt.I begin to undo her braided hair,my fingers sliding through to loosen her locks.. and even that is still damp from her run.Her breathing is shallow and she freezes at my touch. Good girl.

She explains that she just needed time to think. To think about me…to think about my offer. But that hardly answers the big question here. So, again I ask..”And, you have decided that it was nice knowing me during that time?” Again, no answer. I guess she just needs reminding. I can do that. “I thought that I’d come over and remind you of just how nice it was knowing me Miss Steele.” She lets out a gasp, her eyes widen, again, rendered speechless.

Before she can even catch her breath, I’ve fished my favorite tie from my pocket, bound her wrists together and have them tied securely to the bedpost . She is now pinned beneath me..what a sight she is, just the way I like. My lips press hard to hers, my tongue has eagerly thrust it’s way inside of her mouth claiming her in a way she has never known before.

My erection has already made up it’s mind to join the party, growing to full hungry status. Hang on buddy, we’re getting there….I remove my lips from hers and meet her gaze, my eyes dark and filled with lustful desire.  “Trust me?” 

She nods. I can see in her eyes that she’s curious about my next move. Obviously a bit nervous, maybe even scared, but that doesn’t stop me.She reverts to that damn lip biting.. yet again. I tap at her bottom lip with my finger as a warning.She already knows what that does to me..fuck. I slide off of the bed, standing before her. I can’t take my eyes off of her. Christ, she’s tied to her bed..with my fucking tie no less. This is a good day, indeed.

“I think you’ve seen enough Miss Steele.” My fingers take hold of the hem of her t-shirt. Slowly folding it over as it makes it’s way up her torso, her neck, then to her face, covering only her eyes. Perfect…now she must rely on her other senses. Oh, I am more than enjoying this. She takes in a deep long breath in anticipation of what will come next. Intrigued are we? I smirk at the sight of her this way. Beautiful..this is serious palm twitching kind of shit… 

“Mmm..this just keeps getting better and better.” I lean in and give her a soft tender kiss. “I’m going to get a drink.” I smirk, as I leave her bedroom and search out the kitchen. I take my time as this is just a small part of her punishment for that fucking email.

When I return, glass of wine in hand, I can see that her breathing has become heavy, she is now putty in my hands…just the way I like it. I sit next to her on the bed. “Thirsty Miss Steele?” She nods. I bring the glass to her lips, she instinctively parts them as she feels the cold glass as it touches her mouth. I pour carefully into her mouth and she takes a drink. Mmm, good girl.

I set the glass on the night table and remove a piece of ice. I sit astride her, my erection pressing into her belly as I lean forward and slide her bra to the side exposing her perfect breasts. She lets out a soft moan as I swirl the ice cube around her nipple, then lean in closer blowing softly as I move the cube to the other nipple. She begins to pant…That’s right baby, you like that don’t you…

I pop the cube into my mouth, bring my lips to hers and kiss her softly before sliding the cube into her mouth as my hand finds it’s way underneath her sweatpants and inside of her panties. I thrust two fingers inside of her..Christ, the girl is always dripping wet for me, I like that about her. 

“Ready for me so soon Miss Steele?” She bites her lip and nods. My thumb begins to circle her clitoris as my fingers move slowly in and out at the same time, teasing..tantalizing..quickly pushing her to the edge.Her hips are bucking in response and her moans become louder. Just as I think she’s about to come,  I pull the t-shirt down so that she can see as I pull my fingers out of her and lick them clean, smirking.

“You are a very greedy girl Miss Steele.” I get off of the bed and begin to remove her shoes, socks then her sweatpants. “So close… and yet so far.” I slowly begin unbuttoning my shirt, sliding it off, then I remove my jeans and briefs, my eyes locked on hers the entire time. “As part of your punishment, I will control when you come…if I choose to let you, that is.” I can be an asshole, but, the punishment fits the crime. I smirk seeing the shocked look on her face..priceless.

She begins to pull against her restraints, begging for me to give her release. Please, she repeats, her voice soft, yet desperate.

“Shall I fuck you this way, Anastasia?” I flip her over, so that she is now on her hands and knees. Sliding down her panties, my cock begins to twitch at the sight of her ass in the air. Mmm, I lick my lips as I enter her, spanking her bottom as I thrust into her…hard..over and over as she cries out for more. Christ, this girl has gone from virgin to insatiable sex goddess..nice. She comes almost instantly. She collapses beneath me, as I continue to slam into her, her body almost becomes lifeless, she is deliciously out of breath.

“Again, Anastasia.” I demand through clenched teeth as my palm meets her bottom again. I spank her hard until she climaxes a second time, this time calling out my name. I like hearing her say my name. I like the sound that my hand makes when it cracks against her ass. Oh, how I live for that sound. My body tenses, and my head cocks back as I release inside of her.. finally. I fall down onto the bed along side of her, both of us spent, breathing hard.

“So…still nice knowing me Miss Steele?” I smirk, she remains speechless. Good, I fucked her senseless. Just the way I like,


About Christian Grey

CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc.Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Billionaire,Dominant and extremely fucked up. I am here to tell my side of story. @FuckedUpFifty_ Follow me on twitter... I am in no way affiliated with the incredible author of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, E.L.James.
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4 Responses to Nice knowing you, sir…

  1. Julz says:

    mmmmmm loving every minute of it Mr Grey

  2. Ms JoJo says:

    Fifty in effect alright.
    Well played Mr.Grey Well played
    Ms. JoJo

  3. Chrissy says:

    Amazing as always Handsome. Your words do things to me…good, good things. 😉

  4. It keeps getting better and better with each post, Mr. Grey…and can I even tell you how much fun this was to read in the middle of a meeting…. Your writing is amazing, simply amazing. But I’m pretty sure you already know that…. 😉

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