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Many lovely creatures were stirring…A blog of complete madness.

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Redroom

Not even an insanely fucked up creature like me was stirring, or spanking, or even flogging anyone…until I heard a big BOOM!

I jumped out of my warm bed to see about the commotion, and to my sweet surprise, I find a sea of ladies filling the Redroom, moving me to some strange unknown emotion.

“What the fuck is going on here, ladies?” I ask. But to my disapproval they all ignore me, and one tosses me a bright shiny flask.

Wall to wall submissives now fill the once empty room, and I glance down to find my X-Cross on the floor, and now understand the boom.

“Who is responsible for this?” I ask in a demanding tone, but am once again ignored, but I think I heard a moan. “Lils? Why do I have the feeling that you are the one behind this?”

“Sir, yes it was me.” And she bends over before I can answer, and let me tell you that girl has the ass of an exotic dancer.

(Insert laughter)

Forget about Prancer, forget about Donner I don’t even give a shit about the one named Vixen… I’ve got Dana, Nicky, Angie, and a sultry German girl named Kerstin. Belle, and Boo, Dawn and Cristol, all dressed in red, work me up in an instant, and lead me directly to the bed. Carolyn, Rena, and even the sweet and innocent Romina, are here to join the fun, and I quickly become stumped because nothing rhymes with Mina. The two sexy Cheryls just walked in with a bag full of toys, and not the kind for little girls and boys. Here comes sweet Margaret, the sexy siren Sierra, and Heather, just the right ladies to heat up the room when we have chilly weather. Just when you thought that was all, I see Ally, Gemma, Lils, and Mandy, they enter the Redroom, and are the perfect addition to ease my holiday gloom. Rosemary, Pinky, Carole, and MrsD soon follow, looking intoxicating and good enough to eat. Joy is the last to join, and in an instant gets my attention, she rushes right over to the bar made for suspension.

Sarabeth is passing out silver balls to all of the ladies, and even a few phallic pieces that require batteries.

“Ladies!” I shout out as I get up from the bed. “So what? Are you all taking turns giving me head?”

I admit that the thought frightens even me, but a line forms to the right,a line of beautiful ladies now filled with glee. They push and shove, each wanting to be the one before the rest, but Carolyn wins the race and swears that she’s the best.

Kidding aside I command them all to bend over, and I run my paddle down the line, smacking all asses over and over.

I have run out of words that rhyme, so we all get naked and save this crazy blog, just in the nick of time.

Let’s just hope that ReadBetweenTheWines doesn’t show up and blog about this night.

On a serious note, I adore you all, and thank you for another wonderful year, and as always cherish your suppoet, as well as your company.

Flog on, ladies!

Merry Christmas to all,

Much love,

And to all…a good night.

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Pushing the limits…Part Two


She is taking her time reading the changes that I have made to the contract. It takes everything I have within me not to snatch it from her hands and read it to her myself. Move it along, Anastasia. Move it along.

Watching her facial expressions closely as she reads, I see them quickly change from a a victorious smirk to a frown. She seems to be pleased with the changes, changes that she wanted, but something has displeased her apparently. And here we go…

“So the obedience aspect of the contract still stands?” she asks confused and irritated.

“Oh yes, Anastasia,” I reply with a grin. But that grin quickly fades and turns into a stoic expression as my lips press hard together watching as she rolls her eyes at my unwelcome response. “Did you just roll your eyes at me, Anastasia?”

“Possibly? It depends on what your reaction will be.” She answers without missing a beat. She looks scared. Afraid of what my reply to that will be perhaps.

“Well, same as always.” I smirk, shaking my head.

What she doesn’t seem to understand, or maybe she does, is that this actually pleases me. When she rolls her eyes at me it becomes the highlight of my day, and I wake each day hoping that she will actually do just that. Rolls those eyes for me, baby. Your punishment awaits…

“You want to spank me now?” she asks, already knowing the answer.

“Yes…and I will.” Her cheeks are now a bright beautiful shade of blush, as her face is quickly taken over by a, “Shit! What have I done?” deadpan stare. “Are you going to try and stop me, Anastasia?”

“Uh, you’re going to have to catch me first.” she replies, biting her bottom lip in a attempt at playfulness.

I can clearly see the lump that has formed in her throat as she swallows hard, not to mention the quickening of her breathing. There is no fooling me here with her failed attempt at bravado, and I can practically see her heart beating out of her chest.

So begins the game of chase. I have become the cat, and she is the mouse. We work our way around the breakfast bar a few times…and although this is somewhat exhilarating, it quickly becomes boring. Around and around, back and forth we go as I appease her allowing it to continue for a few minutes.

But knowing what is to come, my palm begins to twitch. The mere thought of my hand striking down on her bare ass is more than I can handle at the moment, and I need to stop this and move things along. But the questions begin.

Why do I need this? Why do I want to hurt her? Why won’t you tell me what’s made you like this? Why can’t I touch you? Why, why, why?

I can’t begin to explain why in a way that she will understand, but I need it. I just do. If I tell her about my past, she will run. And that is a chance I am not willing to take.

Time for a diversion. I pull her firmly into my arms and plant a deep, long, passionate kiss on her lips. It doesn’t take long before she succumbs, and although I know that she’d rather use her mouth to ask more questions, she gives in and responds to my rather untimely advances. Untimely for her, not me.

“Show me.” she says, taking in a deep breath. And her voice is shaky and unsure.

“Show you?”

“Yes. Show me how much it will hurt.”

“What?” I am dumbfounded. Suddenly she is willing to allow me to show her just how bad this can get?

“You are actually willing to try?” I ask.

“Yes.” she says, but I can tell that she isn’t exactly comfortable with this at all.

“Ana, you are so confusing.”

“I’m trying to work this out. Then we will both know if I can actually do this.”

I know I can do this…this is what I do. What gives me the greatest pleasure. I am just not sure that she will be able to handle it. Well, no time like the present I suppose…

“Alright. I’ll show you just how bad this can be, and you can make up your own mind.”

She swallows hard as I firmly grasp her arm and escort her down the long corridor.

To the playroom we go.

I choose a leather belt from the wall, and lead her to the bench in the corner of the room. I command her to bend over the bench, then I lift up her robe just enough to expose her inviting firm ass. My palm twitches out of control at the sight.

“We’re here because you said yes, Anastasia, and because you ran from me. I will spank you six times, and you will count with me.”

I hear a frustrated sigh escape from her lips suddenly, as if she were annoyed at my theatrics. I can almost sense her rolling her eyes at me out of frustration. She can be as frustrated as she likes. I am going to do this.

“I am doing this so you remember not to run from me again, and because you rolled your eyes at me.”

My voice deepens as the thrill of what is about to happen takes over my very existence. Placing my hand firmly on her ass in preparation, I feel her body shudder slightly in response. In my other hand, the leather belt is at the ready. I swing my arm back, striking down for what is to be the first blow.

“Count Anastasia,” I order. “One!”

“ONE!” she cries out, her body shuddering at the hard blow of the belt cutting down on her ass, letting out a deep breath.






“Let go!” She cries out, struggling to get out of my grasp and off of the bench just as quickly as humanly possible. “Don’t touch me!” she continues, now pushing me away. I can hear her sobbing. Fuck!

She begins to walk towards the door of the playroom as she ties the sash of her robe, hissing at me all the way. “This is what you like? Me…like this?” she goes on, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Fuck. She is angry. Angry at me for simply doing what she asked me to do. I knew there was a chance that she wouldn’t like it, but this…I didn’t expect this reaction. Who am I kidding…I am not surprised at all actually.

“Ana…” I plead. Fuck! She won’t even look at me.

“Don’t you Ana me. You are one fucked up son of a bitch, Grey! You need to get your shit straightened out!”

And it feels as though I took a hard blow to the stomach. A blow that came at me with such force that it brought me to my knees. I want to go after her, but after seeing her reaction, I decide not to. I did warn her…I warned her over and over. Why did she allow me to do this knowing she wouldn’t be able to handle it? Why did I agree? Why? She did it to please me, I know that. I did it because I am a selfish fucked up asshole who only cares about his needs…fucked up needs.

She is right. I am one fucked up son of a bitch.

She is gone.

She left the playroom.

I am left here alone with only my demons to keep me company. My lifelong friends…

Now, because of those demons I have lost the only girl I have ever loved.

Fucked Up Fifty. If anything, I live up to my name.

This is not over.

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Pushing the limits…Part One

It’s five o’clock in the morning and as usual, I find myself unable to sleep. Leaving a peaceful, sleeping Anastasia in bed, I make my way out of the bedroom and into the great room where I sit down on the bench behind the piano and begin to play. The dark melodic tune begins to fill the room, and it isn’t long before she appears beside me.

“You should be asleep,” I scold.

“So should you, Mr. Grey.”

“Hmm…” And I give her a disapproving glare as she attempts to scold me right back. “Well, I cant sleep.”

I continue to play as she sits down beside me on the bench, resting her head on my shoulder.

“What is this?”

“Chopin,” I reply, finishing the piece. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t. I think I’m still on Georgia time.” She shrugs, quickly continuing on with her early morning line of questioning. “So you were six when you started to play?”

“Yes. To please my new mother.”

“Trying to fit into the perfect family?”

“You could say that.”

She knows how much I dislike discussing my private life, and I want to take her over my knee, right here, right now, for doing so. Why does she have this need to know everything about my past? A good submissive never questions her dominant, but Miss Steele is neither my submissive…yet, nor does she follow any sort of rule that I have given. So I change the subject.

“Why are you awake? You need your sleep in order to recover from last nights exertions.”

“Like I said, I’m still on Georgia time, and I need to take my pill.”

“Ahh, well remembered, Miss Steele, but might I suggest that you take your pill a half an hour later today, and then another half an hour later tomorrow in order to get your schedule in this time zone.”

“Good idea, Mr. Grey.” She blinks innocently at me in a lame attempt to act coy. “So, what should we do for a half an hour?”

“Well, I could think of a few things…” I grin.

“Do you always have sex on the brain, Mr. Grey?” She laughs.

Stupid question. One to which she already knows the answer to.


“We could…talk.”

“I like my idea much better.”

“You would.” She teases.

“Maybe on my piano…”

The look on her face tells me that she isn’t opposed to the idea, and just as I scoop her up into my arms, she abruptly stops me.

“Wait…I want to get something straight first.”

“What needs straightening out, Miss Steele?” I ask, trailing kisses from her neck down to her shoulder.

“The contract.”

Jesus Christ. Now? She wants to discuss this now?

“The contract is really a moot point, Miss Steele.”


“Yes. You have been in my playroom twice already, so the contract has become a non-issue.”

“But, what about the rules?”

“The rules still stand, of course.”

“So, I have to follow the rules of the contract all the time, but not the rest of the contract?

“Yes, especially in the playroom. But I need you to follow the rules of the contract so that I know you’ll be safe, and I’ll be able to have you anytime I wish.”

“And what if I break one of the rules?”

“Then I will punish you.” I can’t hide the smirk that has quickly spread across my face. The thought of punishing her consumes my thoughts…at all times.

I would like for her to break the rules ten times a day actually. She always talks of wanting more…well, I want more as well. More time in the playroom, more of her lip biting, blushing, and of course more of that smart mouth. I live for it, I crave it.

“But, you need my permission to punish me, right?” She asks.

“Yes, I do.” I nod, shrugging. “If you say no, you say no. I will just find a way to persuade you.”

“So, the punishment aspect of the contract remains?” She frowns as she works her way out of my arms, standing up, taking a few steps back, obviously disappointed.

“Yes, but only if you break the rules.”

“I’ll need to reread them, Christian.”

“Fine. Why don’t you go make yourself a cup of tea while I retrieve them from the study.”

As I make my way to the study, I cant help but think that I would much rather be fucking her than having this conversation…at five o’clock in the morning.

I want this girl to be my submissive, so I will do what I need to do.

Whatever I need to do.

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Aiming to please…

I enter the playroom to find Anastasia kneeling by the door, just as I had instructed. I walk past her and straight to the chest of drawers to choose my implement of choice for this evenings activities.


I cross the room and stand directly in front of her allowing the anticipation to build. I remain silent for just a few more seconds, taking in the beauty that is Miss Steele…and as if it were even possible, she is more beautiful like this. Head down, kneeling before me in nothing but her silk panties. What a sight to behold.


I bend down and cup her chin, tilting her head upward so that her eyes are forced to meet mine. I can feel her pulse begin to race as I do, not to mention her breathing that is now deep and ragged.


“You are so beautiful, Anastasia. And all mine,” I say in a low voice, “Stand up.”


She rises to her feet, her eyes still cast downward. This is the Anastasia that I have unexpectedly come to adore. The timid submissive girl. The shy quiet girl. Outside of this room she has proven to be quite a handful, which I must admit has become a bit of a challenge, but a challenge that I have come to expect, admire, and look forward to.


Details first…


“We still don’t have a signed contract, and we have discussed limits, Anastasia. Now I need for you to tell me what your safewords are, so that we are clear once and for all.”


“Yellow?” she mumbles.


“And?” I immediately snap back.


“Red.” she whispers.


“Good. Do not forget those. Understood?


“Yeah.” she answers, rolling her eyes.


“Don’t start with that mouth, Anastasia. Unless of course you want me to fuck it right here, right now, with you on your knees.”


“Yes sir.” she replies in a condescending yet softer tone.


“Good girl.”

I walk slowly around her as I prepare my speech of what is to come. The authoritative fucked up fifty,the stoic dominate Christian Grey in control at all times.


“This will be about touch, Anastasia. While you will not be able to see or hear me, but you will be able to feel me. What I am about to do to you will be very intense, and I am counting on you to guide me by using your safewords, if and when you feel that they may be necessary. Do you understand?”


She remains silent, giving me a slight nod.


“Come,” I instruct as I offer my hand, leading her over to the four poster bed, “I will be blindfolding you then tying you to the posts, and you will be wearing earbuds so that all you hear will be music.”


Pause for reaction. She is hiding a smile. Clever girl, I knew she would like this…


“Now, face the bed, and picture yourself lying here, bound and at my mercy.”


I walk away, leaving her there to ponder what is to come. I gather up all of the items needed for this adventure that I am about to take her on. I return to her, still standing near the bed as instructed, and I begin to explain just what it is I am about to do.


I pull her hair back and begin to thread it into one long braid. Pulling a band from my pocket, I secure it at the bottom and give it a gentle tug.


“This is a flogger, as you may well remember from your first visit to this room. It will not hurt you, it will bring your blood to the surface and make you that much more sensitive,” I hold it out in front of her and command, “Touch it.”


She does as I ask, running her fingers down the long soft suede strands before I toss it on the bed. I then instruct her to lie down on her back, and tell her to lift her head, placing the earbuds over her ears first, followed by a mask to cover her eyes.


Now come the shackles. She winces as I first place cuffs on both wrists, then move to her ankles. She is now spread out on the bed before me, ready and at my disposal.


I can see her chest rise and fall in anticipation as I begin by trailing the flogger from her neck, down across her now hardened nipples, before dragging it slowly further down across her stomach. I lift it away just for a moment, and as soon as I know that she is not expecting it, I bring it down, the beads on the ends of each strand cracking down across her belly.


Then again, and again. She winces and cries out, slightly struggling against the shackles, but no safe words are used. The sight of her…like this…has my cock twitching in anticipation, but, that will have to wait. I use the flogger on her inner thighs, then drag it up to her hipbone, cracking it down on her soft milky white skin a few glorious times. I then draw it down slowly until it lands between her legs that are forcefully spread by the shackles, and as I begin to tease her with it, she begins to respond with moans and cries, this time from the pleasure that comes from the pain. Slight as it may be, it is extremely sensual, and pleasurable. For me as well as for her.


Enough now. I set the flogger aside, and remove the shackles. A man can only take so much, and with her…with Miss Steele, everything is different. I want her now.


I undo, then drop my faded jeans to the floor, my cock more than happy to be free at last. Leaving the mask and earbuds in place, I position myself on top of her and begin to kiss, lick and bite her long delicious neck.


She begins to let out moans that I don’t think I have heard come from her before, which only tells me that she indeed, liked…no loved, the flogger as much as I did.


“Please,” she begs repeatedly.


And, you know me…I always aim to please.


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Sinful Sunday…


My gaze is firmly fixed on Anastasia as she continues to lightly rub and tease her clit. She is so unaware of just how beautiful she is, especially in this moment with the flicker of the candles flames casting a glow along her naked body.

She reluctantly moves her free hand slowly up her stomach to her perfect breast. Grazing her nipple with her fingers, she lets a whisper soft moan escape from her lips which tells me that she may finally actually be enjoying this…

If more women understood what it does to a man to watch them pleasure themselves, they would do it more often. There is nothing more sensual or more intimate than watching a woman explore the soft contours of her body, and enjoy doing it. This is definitely for my pleasure, but I want it to be for hers as well. We will have to do this more often so that she can become more comfortable with it…

Watching her touch herself has me pushed near the edge, but I am not about to go over just yet, so I rise up from the water, stand behind her, and place my hands right on top of hers guiding them all over her body in an attempt to help her become more acquainted with her own skin.

“Anastasia, do you have any idea just what you’re doing to me right now?” I whisper, just before bring my lips down to her neck, alternating soft kisses and heavy breaths. 

She responds only by bringing her delicate hand around to my extremely hard cock, and with a firm grip she begins to stroke it slowly, but I stop her quickly, turning her around and bending her over.

“I am going to fuck you now, Anastasia. Are you ready?”

“Yes…please,” she whispers. 

I slide into her, placing my hands on her hips as she takes hold of the edge of the tub. The water splashes around us as we move together, slowly at first, but it doesn’t take long before our movements become more frantic and I am driving my cock in and out of her with full force. 

“That’s right baby, just like that,” I growl out as I reach down and wrap her long hair around my hand, tugging gently forcing her to turn and look into my eyes as I fuck her. She begins to move her hips wildly in a circular motion, in a way that she never has before…as if she is trying to devour my cock with her pussy. Mmm, devour away baby…

Seeing that her ass is backed right up against me, I seize the moment by drawing my arm way back and swinging it down forcefully onto her bottom, for a spanking…or two, probably three. Her body responds immediately as her back arches and bucks forward with each slap.

“Mmm, good girl…” My voice is low and my eyes are dark as I begin to drive into her with a fierceness that she has never known with me until now. My fingers now digging deep into the skin of her hips, I rhythmically pump her torso, forcing her ass to hit harder and harder against my groin.

The warmth of her pussy envelopes my cock as it begins to throb and twitch in search of it’s release. But it’s her moans that finally push me over the edge, and together we come, our bodies shaking deliciously in ecstasy. We both attempt to catch our breath as we sink down into the now cold water in sheer exhaustion… 

But Anastasia knows that my bouts of exhaustion only last a few moments.

You can’t keep a good man’s cock down…


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Pardon the interruption…

I don’t want to lose you…

You’ve bewitched me…

You’ve completely beguiled me…

I’ll miss you, too…more than you know…

I surprise even myself when I use these romantic words…words that I never knew would come from my mouth. I have never missed anyone before, this is all new to me. But she has turned me into a different man…in many ways. But I will always be a controlling asshole, that will never change. 

With that said, in true Christian Grey fashion, I make an appearance in Savannah, and utilize every resource available to me to find Miss Steele and her mother.

It’s time to crash this party that was meant for two, and it’s time to meet the mother. I saunter into the upscale bar, quickly spotting the two at a small table having drinks, no doubt talking about me. Pompous, I know. 

I remain out of site as I watch the two ladies,deciding to play a little joke (mind game?) with Anastasia, I send her an email asking her how many cosmopolitans she is going to be having this evening. 

Her mouth drops as she begins to scan the bar in search of yours truly. It didn’t take her long to realize that I have stalked her and dropped in on her visit with her mother. After a moments pause, I walk over and join them at their table. Her mother has a similar reaction…jaw dropping must run in the family. 

Anastasia regains her senses and finally introduces me. I take a seat and join them, immediately charming the pants off of her mother. Was there ever any doubt that I would?

After some polite conversation, I excuse myself, but not before calling over the waiter to tell him to put the drinks on my tab, masterfully slipping in Room number 612 for Ana to hear…Smooth, I know. I make my way up to my room, knowing full well that Miss Steele will be following soon. 

Expecting her arrival will be soon, I run a hot bath and gather up some of the candles from the bedroom to place around the edge of the sunken tub. Within minutes I hear a knock at the door of my suite…Well played, Grey. The master of manipulations. I always get what I want.

I light the candles and go answer the door…

Without missing a beat, she immediately attempts to carry on our unfinished prior conversation regarding a dinner that I had with Elena. I remain cool and smug, amused by her obvious jealousy in regards to my relationship with Elena. 

“You are quite the green-eyed goddess, aren’t you Miss Steele?” I tease.

“Are you making fun of me, Mr. Grey?” she bites back quickly.

“I wouldn’t dare,” I smirk as I shake my head, but my playful smirk quickly fades as she begins to bite her lip. 

“Oh, I think you would, and you often do…” she says sarcastically.

“Stop biting your lip, Miss Steele,” I demand as I take a step closer to her. “I want you…now, and you came here because you want me.”

“No, I came because I want to know about Elena.”

“Well, now you know.” Taking her hand in mine, I lead her to the bathroom. She doesn’t completely protest, but I feel a pull of my hand as she stops me at the door.  

“Christian…I uh…I can’t tonight,” she whispers. And I can see by the blush in her cheeks that she is embarrassed.

“Ahh, I see,” I nod, and pull her into the bathroom anyway. “I took the liberty of drawing us a bath. How apropos…”

She stares down at her fingers, fidgeting in that nervous, yet charming way that she does, and, wasting no time, I ask her to remove her shoes and all of her clothes as I remove my own. I stand back, watching as she does, her beauty and obvious unease causing my breath to quicken… and my cock to quickly stiffen…

“You are so beautiful, Anastasia,” I whisper as I take her hand and help her into the tub. I lean in, pressing my lips to hers, and clasp her fingers in mine. Skin on skin, our naked bodies are now pressed hard against each others, and as the kiss becomes more passionate, my erection grows to full staff, pressing against her soft, taught stomach.

Releasing her fingers, I flatten her palms and guide them along the contours of her glistening skin. Up the sides of her torso then to her perfect breasts. She winces a bit, almost uncomfortable to touch herself. I urge her on sliding her hands down, and between her now parted thighs. More wincing, but no resisting.

“I want to watch you touch yourself, Anastasia,” I all but growl out in anticipation, watching as she reluctantly does as I ask. Her fingers just grazing her clit at first, she nervously continues as I nod and urge her to continue. 

I sink down into the steamy hot water, my eyes never leaving hers for a second. My own hand disappears beneath the water as she finally begins to become more comfortable, closing her eyes as she finds a rhythm of her own, exploring her body in a pleasurable, new-found freedom. 

My eyes become dark yet focused, watching as she pleases herself, and in turn, pleases me.





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Fuck elevators. What is it about desks?

After yet another night of the usual tossing and turning, I leave Anastasia sleeping peacefully in bed, take a quick shower, and spend the morning in my office handling a few business calls. It’s easy for my mind to wander, as business is second nature for me. My thoughts keep drifting back to last night, thinking about how Anastasia took the news about my mother. I didn’t give her much detail, but we had a deal, so I told her all the same.

I would much rather be thinking about those silver balls and the look on her face as I slid them inside of her than this any day of the week. The sound of her voice as she breathlessly asked me to spank her…Oh yes, these are the things that I want consuming my thoughts. Not the crack whore.

Just as I am about to wrap up my conversation with Andrea, a still sleepy yet beautiful Anastasia appears at the door of my office. “When will you be back from Georgia?” I ask.

“Friday,” She replies, confused.

“I’ll need an extra ticket because I have a date,” I explain to Andrea. “Yes, that’s what I said…a date. Miss Steele will be joining me. That’s all, Andrea. Goodbye.”

I hang up abruptly, my eyes never leaving Anastasia’s for a second. “Good morning, Miss Steele,” I grin, rising from behind my desk then walking toward her.

“Good morning, Mr. Grey,” She responds with a shy smile.I greet her with a gentle kiss as I stroke her cheek softly with thumb. “I didn’t want to wake you. Did you sleep well?”

“I did, thank you,” She smiles as she slides her arms around my neck. “I just wanted to say hi before I took a shower.”

“Mmm, the thought of you in the shower…” I pull her hard against me, planting light kisses down her neck. My cock immediately begins to twitch. “You could go take your shower, or I could lay you across my desk right now,” I say between heated breaths and kisses.

“I, uh…choose the desk,” She responds in a soft voice.

“You choose wisely, Miss Steele,” I lead her to the desk and in one quick sweeping movement of my hand, clear the desk of all papers scattering them to the floor. “And, I aim to please,” I smirk as I slide my hands under her long t-shirt immediately cupping her bare ass in my grip.

“Wait, Mrs. Jones will hear us. Let me close the door,” She says as she pulls away.

“Don’t worry about her,” I exclaim as I forcefully pull her back to me. “Now…are you ready for me, Miss Steele?”

I lay her back on the desk and slide her panties off to the side before thrusting two fingers inside of her. “Fuck, Ana…” I take her wrists in my free hand and place them above her head, my fingers still working her deliciously wet pussy. “Always so ready for me.”

My gray eyes remain locked on hers as I slide my fingers out to quickly undo my pants and free my hard twitching cock. I lean over her and position myself at her entrance, watching closely as I slide deep inside of her, a delicious look of pleasure lighting up her already beautiful face.

Her subtle movements and soft moans only drive me to fuck her harder, faster…as she responds by matching me thrust for delectable thrust.

“Christ…Anastasia. What…are…you…doing…to…me?” I say between heavy breaths as I fuck her right into the desk. Releasing her wrists, I take a fistful of her hair in my hand and tug gently as she wraps her legs around my waist. Her body begins to shudder as I greedily slam harder and harder into her, both of us losing all sense of anything and everything other than what we are doing right here, right now.

“You are mine.” I whisper as I  lean in closer, pressing my lips to hers.

“Mine, Anastasia. Understand?”

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Nothing wrong with some simple vanilla…

Is there anything more enjoyable than a night spent in with the woman that you adore? If there is, I can‘t think of anything.

We order from a favorite Japanese place of mine, and as she opens the containers, I can see that her mind is reeling again…

“You really need to let me redo this kitchen, it needs a woman’s touch” She says, matter-of-factly as she looks around the large room, her head no doubt swarming with ideas.

“Not until we christen it,” I remind her, and a playful grin tugs at the corners of my mouth.  

Yes, we’ve had this conversation before about her redecorating.  But, all that I care about is the christening end of things. With all that is going on lately, we haven’t found time yet.  At least, not for the kitchen.

 The couch, the shower, the living room floor… but not the kitchen.

“I remember,” She responds with a playful smirk.

“No time like the present…” I smirk, picking her up and setting her on the kitchen counter.  

“You’re so bad,” She smirks right back, as she swallows a piece of sushi that she was already working on.

“And?” I ask, brow raised.  “Is that a problem?”  I grin playfully as I hike her sun-dress up around her waist, leaving a trail of soft kisses down her torso until finally ending up with my face buried between her legs, I slide her panties off to the side, my tongue finally at it‘s destination.

“I think so…” She replies in a breathlessly soft voice as her body quivers in response.  “I uh, just cleaned this counter.”  

Rolling my eyes at her comment, ignoring her, I insert two fingers into her warm soaked pussy, deliberately pumping them in and out slow at first, while my tongue swirls around her engorged clit.

My cock is twitching out of control, I need to be inside of her, and now. And, there is the matter of the freshly cleaned counter. Far be it from me to make a mess…

“Oh.  Well in that case…” Smirking, I slide my hands under her ass and crash my lips to hers in a fiery kiss.  With a soft delicious giggle, she quickly wraps her arms around my neck, her legs tight around my waist, and presses her body hard against my chest, her tongue expertly teasing mine as I move us to the nearest wall.  

“Better?” I tease.  Her back now pressed firmly against the wall, I unzip my jeans and let them hit the floor.

“Mmm, much,” She grins, responding breathlessly, trailing soft kisses along my jaw line.

“How is that wall treating you, baby girl?”  And I kiss her hard again before she has a chance to answer.

I tease her entrance just long enough to have her begging for me to be inside of her.  My fingers dig deep into her ass as I thrust my cock into her with just the right amount of force, then rhythmically, and slow, and together we bring new meaning to the phrase, “if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.” 

Bring on the heat, we’re tearing up the kitchen.  

Holding on for dear life, she gives my cock the ride of its life.  Her back and head are pressed firmly against the wall, and her fingers dig deep into my shoulders as she slides up and down along my erection.  

“Damn, baby,”  I blurt out in a low guttural voice, tightening my grip on her ass as I move us to the floor, lying her back on a large thick area rug.   

“Breaking in the floor now, sir?” she says breathlessly as she crosses her ankles behind my back, happily forcing me deeper into her.

“I’m just getting started with you, baby.”

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Let’s play ball…

Just to recap, before we took the journey into my past, Miss Steele and I had an unforgettable encounter in the boathouse at my parents home.  Now, I will pick up where we left off…Enjoy.


We arrive back at Escala, and all that I can think about is how Mia interrupted us at the boathouse, along with the news of Ana planning to go to Georgia and see her mother. Christ, talk about a twitchy palm.  I aim to finish what was started, so I tell Anastasia to get undressed and get into bed.  After another lengthy conversation about her wanting to touch me, I toss her one of my t-shirts before I leave the bedroom to go and retrieve a little surprise for her from my playroom.

When I come back into the room, I hear the water running in the bathroom, so I join her and urge her to finish up.  

“Feel free to use my toothbrush,” I say sarcastically.  

“Thank you, sir,”  She replies, biting right back.

“Bed, now,”  I order.  And, she follows me to the bed rolling her pretty little eyes.  Oh, yes she did.

“You know, I pictured tonight going differently.”  I roll my eyes back at her, annoyed.

“Just imagine what would happen if I said you couldn’t touch me,”  She pauses, knowing that she is pushing her limits.  “And, you’re rolling your eyes at me?  Last time I did that I was put over your knee,”  She joins me on the bed, and I can’t tell if she is sad or just irritated.

“And, I’d like to put you there again,”  I reply with a smirk.

“Tell me why you won’t let me touch you, and you can.”  She pleads.

“I’ve told you, Anastasia. Fifty shades.  I had a rough start in life, and that’s all you need to know.”  Christ, can we just move past this?  I hate talking about it, and I don’t talk about it.  It is dead and buried…

“Then, I’ll roll my eyes at you,”  She continues pleading.

“It doesn’t work that way.  Now, stand up,”  I order.

She finally gives up, but I know that it wont be for long.  She is relentless if anything.  “Open your mouth for me, Anastasia,”  As I open my hand exposing two shiny silver balls, a look of near shock and excitement sweeps over her face.  

“These are new…”  She stares down at the balls in my hand, confused?  Intrigued? 

“I am going to place these inside of you, then I will spank you.  This will be for pleasure, Anastasia, not punishment.  Now, open your mouth.”  I insist.

She opens her mouth as I explain that the balls need to be lubricated with her saliva.  “Good girl.  Now suck.”

My cock twitches slightly at the sight of her sucking on the balls, and also from knowing what I have planned next.

“That should be good,”  I tug on the string that is attached to the balls and pull them out.  “Now, get off of the bed, bend over and grab your ankles,”  I explain, watching as she quickly does as I ask.

I slip the shiny silver balls inside of my mouth while sliding her silk panties to the side, inserting two fingers inside of her to prepare her for the balls…We must always prepare the pussy…

 Her body winces slightly from the new sensation combined with the cold feel of the balls inside of her. I can immediately tell that she likes it by the soft moan that she let out as I gently rub her ass..  

 “Now, stand back up,”  I order again, my tone softer now, due to the fact that I am completely enthralled by all of this.  “How do they feel?”

“Um, strange?”  She replies with a look of slight discomfort on her face.

“Strange, good?”  I smirk.

“I guess,”  She says as she tries to adjust to the new feeling of foreign objects floating around inside of her.

“Good,”  I chuckle as I lie back on the bed against a propped up pillow.  “Now, go and get me a glass of water.”

The look on her face is adorable and priceless.  I have to fight to keep from laughing…this is amusing and extremely erotic all at the same time.  Just the thought of her fetching me water with those silver balls inside of her is making my palm scream out, needing despairingly to meet her ass.

“When you return, I will be spanking you…and, fucking you”




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